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We provide a complete start-to-finish multilingual voice-over service including everything from the initial voice-over translation through to the production of the final video ready to publish.

Our professionals use their own recording facilities and we screen out any lip smacking or pauses here at Adelphi before sending the mastered files to the client. Our standard-level artists are ideal for low budget productions and are recorded at our own studio. Our team of highly experienced producers, studio engineers and mixing engineers record the voice-overs and synchronise them to the videos. We produce your video in the format of your choice, complete and ready to publish through any distribution channel.

A recent project for Best Western Hotels in 18 languages

It was also recorded in Danish, Dutch, English UK, Finnish, Japanese, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. Here are just a few examples.

To see the full story about our voice-overs for Best Western in 18 languages Click here

Professional Voice-Over Artists and Standard Artists

Adelphi Studio are the only foreign language voice-over agency who offer both voice-overs by professional voice-over artists and by standard-level voice artists. With these two levels we are able to provide voice-overs for all budgets, and for everything from personal or community projects to business or commercial videos. The range of clients with whom we have worked is as diverse as our range of voice-over artists. We offer voice-overs for all budgets and to meet all requirements.

Professional voice-over artists are the most suitable option for corporate or commercial projects. These full-time voice artists have a considerable amount of experience producing voice-overs of all types and in all styles and tones. Standard level voice-over artists are ideal for community language projects and budget productions. Our standard level artists are typically talented individuals with naturally clear voices who record voice-overs with us on a part-time basis.

Accented English Voice Artists

We can offer English voice-overs in whichever accent you desire. Our foreign accented English voice artists are available in both our professional voice-over and standard voice-over levels. However big your project is, we can provide you with the perfect accented English voice artist or foreign language voice-over.

We have audio samples of our talents available for each language, so choose your voice now and request a quote today. Please be aware that our prices are dependent on the level of experience of your chosen voice-over artist. If we do not have a suitable voice on our books we will search for and record new voices for you to choose from. We are happy to discuss your voice-over needs with you and can advise you on the right voice talent for the region that you are targeting.

We also have an ever-widening range of English-accented foreign language voice-artists performing anything from English-accented French voice-overs to English-accented Arabic voice-overs, and a range of accented English voice artists.

Voice-over Translation and Transcription Services

As part of our complete range of media localisation services we also offer an accurate and comprehensive voice-over translation service. We can translate your voice-overs from any language to any other language. Furthermore we also offer a complete range of transcription services and subtitling services.

Our Voice-over Studios

Our in-house professional voice over studios include high quality sound booths, the latest digital recording and software systems with a team of highly and widely experienced professional producers, studio engineers and mixing engineers. We can deliver files in a variety of formats according to your requirements

We edit out any lip smacking or pauses before delivery. We can also sync the audio back into your video, ready to publish.