Brazilian Portuguese transcription, Brazilian Portuguese to English translation and proofreading and English subtitling of promotional videos for Bunge Limited. Bunge approached us to create English subtitles for two of their “Salsaretti” tomato sauce promotional videos, originally shown in Brazil. We were also asked to deal with the video’s Brazilian Portuguese on-screen text, by translating it to English and fitting it into the final videos.


Adelphi transcribed the Brazilian Portuguese voice-overs in a timed, subtitle-ready format and manually extracted the on-screen text into separate files. Both the transcripts and on-screen text files then went to our translator and proof-reader along with full instructions that explained the delicate task of translating the transcript and text from the video in a way that could be neatly and cleanly set out in subtitles later on.

Once we received client approval of our English translations, we created subtitles and new on-screen text in English for the videos. The client provided a high resolution “blank” version of the material with no subtitles (so we could add our own) but with Portuguese on-screen text still included. Using the English translations, we added our subtitles and then placed the English on-screen text next to that of the Portuguese, enabling the videos to be enjoyed by speakers of both languages.


If your video has on-screen text, we have a few options for dealing with it:

1) If you can supply the raw production files for this video, we can edit the on-screen text into the video directly and run off a new output with the new text included.

2) If you can supply a high resolution “blank” video (i.e. without any on-screen text), we can re-create the text in the target language and place this onto the video itself.

3) If neither of the above is available, all is not lost. We still have a number of creative solutions, depending on the style of video you are producing. For instance, we may be able to cover the old on-screen text with an opaque text box containing the new text, or we can place translations above, below or next to the source on-screen text. Our knowledgeable team can investigate these options and discuss them with you, no matter how complex your material.

Clients often approach us with subtitling work and worry that the production values of their original material cannot be replicated and will be lost in translation. Adelphi gives your translated videos the same professional, authentic and impressive finish, regardless of language or subject matter.

Recent subtitling project for Bunge. This video was translated and subtitled into English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese.