Adelphi Studio is a leading foreign language voice-over agency and subtitling company working with media companies in the UK, the USA, and worldwide. Our in-house dedicated audiovisual translation department provides a quality subtitling and voice-over translation service. We also provide typesetting in over 120 languages.

Foreign Language Voice-overs

We have over 1,400 foreign language voice artists on our books in over 80 languages. Our voice-over services include Arabic voice-overs, Brazilian Portuguese voice-oversFrench voice-overs, Chinese voice-oversRussian voice-overs and more. With more voice samples to choose from than other agencies, we have a great range of voice-over artists to suit any project. We have our a dedicated team of directors and sound engineers and professional audio editing is standard for all of our voice-over projects.

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Foreign Accent English Voice Artists

We have over 270 foreign-accented English voice artists from over 55 languages available for you to choose from. Our range of English speaking foreign voice artists at Adelphi Studio provide you with high-quality recordings for your Film, TV, web or DVD projects. We can sync the recorded accented English voice back into your video making it ready to publish.

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Voice-Over Translations and Transcriptions

As the media division of Adelphi Translations, an agency which has been providing translation services for clients all over the world for twenty years. Which means we can look after all your voice-over translations in-house, keeping everything under one roof. We also offer an audio transcription translation service, transcribing the audio, time-coding and then translating the text in any language. We also work in partnership with some of the biggest translation agencies in the world. We are happy to work with your translations and give advice on fonts for the more exotic languages.

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Subtitle Translation and Localization

As a leading audiovisual subtitling company, our service includes the production of both open and closed caption subtitles in over 80 languages. We supply everything from the transcription of the original video, time-coding, translation of the transcribed text, SRT creation, through to the final subtitled video. Adelphi is a one-stop subtitling company that can cater for all your foreign language subtitling requirements, including subtitle translation direct from the video.

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e-learning localization

Adelphi has been providing support for e-learning production companies such as Catalyst Awareness, providing subtitling and voice-overs to be used in e-learning courses for companies like BUNGE. We are presently working on a 20 language project for an American company that includes voice-overs, on-screen text localization and editing the Articulate Storyline data. Adelphi has recorded over 2 million words in over 30 languages for the e-learning industry.

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On-screen Text and Motion Graphics Localization

We also localise any on-screen text, motion graphics and animations if required. Using industry standard software such as Adobe After Effects, our experienced team of studio animators and designers can localise your on-screen text, motion graphics or animations directly from the project files. We can localise into more than 100 languages and can advise on font usage and effects to be used. If required we can also add voice-overs and subtitles to resources in your video. We can localise Explainer videos in over 100 languages. Including translations, voice-overs, subtitling and on-screen text. We are able to translate the material directly via the original project files or provide files ready for incorporating into your production. 

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on-screen text localisation

Typesetting in over 120 languages

Adelphi has been typesetting foreign language materials in over 120 languages for over 20 years. With clients like Disney, Jaguar Land Rover, Vidal Sassoon and hundreds of advertising and design companies worldwide. All our typesetting is carried out in-house and includes proofing. We also produce eBooks too.

We can supply the finished localised document as a print-ready PDF set to your specifications or if required we can outline the text so you can print from the InDesign file itself. Tips and advice on localising printed materials

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