Website translation and localization

Adelphi has been translating and localizing websites since 1994 when Netscape and Explorer were the most popular browsers before Chrome and Safari were developed. Localizing your website can open up your content to an audience who otherwise would not be able to access the services and products you are offering.

Read below to find out how to best prepare and supply your website content to Adelphi in order to facilitate the translation process.

What formats can we work with?

Providing just a website URL is not sufficient, as we would need to extract the text from the website to analyse the word count. To avoid project management fees and extraction costs, we would require the source HTML or CMS output files. This allows for a more accurate word count and allows us to access the exact web pages and content that you wish to translate.

CMS (Content Management System) websites like those made in WordPress allow for the content to be extracted as XML files, which can be translated and reimported to create the translated website.

If your website is not built on a CMS such as WordPress, it will be necessary for you to extract only the text that needs translating from your website. We can help with this process, but it may add an additional cost to the project.

Multilingual plugins

In WordPress and other CMS websites, there are a number of plugins such as WPML, at which allow for the cloning of your web pages specifically for translation. These make it easy to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress installation.


WPML has recently launched a new plugin that retains the segmentation rules of your web content, making the files compatible with computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. Adelphi’s linguists can then translate consistently and with greater productivity thanks to translation memories and glossaries.

You can simply export the web pages you wish to translate in a file format that’s ready for translation and reimport the same file type back into WPML at the end, without the need for costly file engineering.

Full-service website development and localization service

Adelphi has teamed up with Genius Division, a website design and development company based in the same building as Adelphi. This allows us to handle the full process from website design, development and translation, ensuring a full and painless solution for all your website translation and localization needs.

Image and motion graphics localization

Adelphi can also localize any on-screen text, motion graphics and animations if required. Using industry-standard software such as Adobe After Effects, our experienced team of studio animators and designers can localize your multimedia content directly from the project files.

We also have our own in-house typesetting department that can localize any images on your website using Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. We might require the original data files if there is any text embedded over images or complicated backgrounds.

Voice-overs and subtitling

If your website integrates any videos that require translating and localizing, we can handle these too. Our in-house studio can add subtitles in over 80 languages, and we have over 1,400 foreign language voice artists on our books if you would prefer to localize the audio altogether.

SEO keyword localization

If you are creating foreign-language versions of your website, it will also be necessary to translate your keywords for search engine optimization; it is important to understand that direct translation of your English keyword might not work as different languages use keywords optimized for their own language.