Transcription services

Adelphi is often asked to provide transcriptions of video and audio files often in English before we translate them and sometimes from a foreign language into English. Some clients want back an SRT file that they can work with to produce their own subtitles others want us to provide the finished video.

There are two basic types of transcription, Verbatim which includes all the “hum” and “ah’s” etc., and then there is Readable which is cleaned up to eliminate all the unnecessary elements.

Our transcription services provide time-coded scripts ready for translation. The length of many languages will expand when compared to original English and care must be taken in the translation to keep the true meaning of the English, while staying within the time frame allowed. We sometimes have to edit the English to make a more concise version of the original, this is because the written version of many languages is much longer than the English and would not fit in the allocated time-slot. Of course, the edited English is approved by the client before translation into the target language.

Recent subtitling project for Bunge. This video was translated and subtitled into English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese.

Adelphi has offices in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA). For all UK and International inquiries please contact our UK office tel: +44 (0)114 272 3772 or email: For US, Canada, and South America inquiries please contact our office in California Tel: 916 414 8714 or email: