Recorded using our Professional Spanish Male Voice Artists Salvador.

This project was record in Danish, Dutch, English UK, Finnish, Japanese, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.


Adelphi Studio were contacted by Spectrum Video and Film in late July 2015 requiring 16 foreign languages plus English voice overs for their end client, Best Western Rewards. Adelphi Studio began immediately to cater for the needs of both companies, contacting our extensive range of voice talents. Despite the large scale of the project, clear and concise communication with Spectrum meant that the project was given the green light in a matter of days.

Samples of our best voice artists were delivered, allowing swift approval by Best Western Rewards for the chosen artists. Adelphi began to record a mixture of professional and standard voice artists sanctioned by the client and within a few weeks, the final products we’re delivered securely and with the highest confidentiality to our client.

Adelphi were shortly afterwards asked for more foreign language voice overs for the same project.

The project was swift, concise and professional, with friendly and frequent communication throughout; with both companies looking forward to working together in the near future.

  • Turkish

    18 language voice-over for Best western

  • Japanese

    18 language voice-over for Best western

  • Russian

    18 language voice-over for Best western

  • Norwegian

    18 language voice-over for Best western

  • German

    18 language voice-over for Best western

Adelphi also produces Spanish translations, transcriptions and can sync the recorded Spanish voice back into your video making it ready to publish. We also localise any on-screen text if required.

You can hear more samples on our Spanish Voice Artists webpage. Spanish Voice-over Artists