Italian subtitling agency producing quality Italian subtitles, includes transcriptions, Italian subtitle translations including SRT and STL formats and on-screen text localisation

Italian subtitling company with a proven track record

Adelphi Studio’s Italian Subtitling Services has been producing Italian subtitles for over ten years for companies and organisations worldwide.  Creating Italian subtitles in all video formats including MOV, MPEG-2, WMV, FLV, etc.

Adelphi always produce all their Italian subtitles in-house and never outsource any of the work. Our multimedia department is set up to work on a wide range of specifications and is able to take your original material and create a working copy with Italian subtitles ready to publish for film, TV, on the internet or on DVD.

Adelphi’s clients include Barclays Bank, the International Olympic Committee, Cisco, Raison, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Vidal Sassoon, Jaguar and many other companies and their agencies.

Subtitle styles
These Italian subtitles were ‘burnt on’ to the video (also called open captions) and because the nature of the video we used a transparent band behind the text for easy readability. There are many styles subtitles to display on your video. We can give advise on the best type for your video and produce samples for you to choose from. We can also help on the best fonts to use as well.

Click here to see some samples of subtitle styles

Italian Subtitling for Shift ms
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Shift ms were looking for a subtitling company to translate and subtitle a number of videos into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. is a social network for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Adelphi is an Italian subtitling agency that aims to provide a full localization service to our customers.

Our Italian language services include:

  • Italian Document Translations
  • Italian Subtitle Translations
  • Italian Voice-over Translations
  • Italian Transcriptions
  • Italian Voiceovers and Voice Artists
  • Italian Subtitling
  • Italian On-screen text Localisation
  • Italian Motion Graphics Localisation
  • Italian Graphics Localization
  • Italian Typesetting
  • Italian e-learning Localization

Italian On-Screen Text Localization

As well as producing the subtitles we can also localize any on-screen text, motion graphics etc. into Italian. Depending on the complexity and how the original text was produced we may require the data package it was made in.

Click here for more on on-screen text localization

Italian to English Subtitling

Through our Italian to English Subtitling Service, we produce SRTs and open- and closed-caption subtitles in English from your original Italian video. We manage the entire process for you from start to finish, including transcription, translation, proofreading and subtitling.

Italian Subtitle Translation

For Italian subtitle translation, we would use a Italian audiovisual translator who will create translated subtitles in the target language directly from the video in the source language. The subtitle translator would produce SRT files that can then be used to create burnt-on Italian subtitles.

Adelphi Studio is part of Adelphi Translations Ltd. a full service translation agency producing not only Italian translations but also Italian typesetting and Italian voice-overs.

Using Adelphi’s Italian subtitling translation services means quality and timing can be closely controlled throughout the project, ensuring that your subtitles will always be ready to publish on or before your deadline. Adelphi is a proud member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

Transcription Services

We also offer a transcription service, to provide time-coded scripts for translation. The length of many languages will expand when compared to original English and care must be taken in the translation to keep the true meaning of the English, while staying within the time frame allowed. We sometimes have to edit the English to make a more concise version of the original, this is because the written version of many languages is much longer than the English and would not fit in the allocated time-slot. Of course the edited English is approved by the client before translation into Italian.

Articulate Storyline Localization Service

We can translate not just the text from your Articulate Storyline course itself but also localize all of the button and slider content too, we also add voice-overs and subtitles to any embedded videos using translated scripts and voice talents we can provide.

Other subtitling languages include