Adelphi is a Russian subtitling company specializing in the creation of Russian subtitles. Our services include transcriptions, Russian SRT subtitle translations and on-screen text and graphics localization.

We produce all the Russian subtitles in-house and our media studio is set up to work on a wide range of specifications and is able to take your original material and create an effective copy with Russian subtitles ready to publish.

  Russian Subtitling Sample
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Tips for subtitling

  • Always check if the subject has already been translated into the language you require, this might mean there are established ways to spell product names etc. Where possible, provide a glossary list of these, so we can inform our translators.
  • Make sure the video you provide us with is final, as all of the translated content and timings will have to be redone at an extra cost if they change in the middle of the project.
  • It is always best to transcribe the video with time-codes in the original language first and only then translate, so only one set of time-coding needs to be done. If not, then we have to time-code each language individually, meaning extra costs and longer turnarounds.
  • If you’re planning on shooting raw footage in a language you are unfamiliar with and editing it later, please ask your guide or interpreter if they can give you a written transcript of everything that was recorded.

Russian On-Screen Text and Graphics Localization

Our in-house media team can localize any on-screen text and motion graphics into Russian. Depending on how the original text was created we could require the data package it was made in.

Subtitle Translation Services

We will use an experienced Russian audiovisual translator who will create translated subtitles in the target language directly from the video in the source language, They will produce an SRT file that will then be used to create burnt-on Russian subtitles. At our studio, we will run quality checks and produce the final subtitled video.

Transcription Services

We also offer a transcription service for those customers lacking a transcript of their videos. We provide time-coded scripts of your videos ready to be translated. We will then use those translations for the subtitle text, sending you the files at each stage of the process for you to review and assess.

Other subtitling languages include