Adelphi Studio’s Multilingual Subtitling Translation Services produces subtitled videos in any language in the format you want.

If you are looking for a multilingual subtitling company that can handle the whole subtitling process from start to finish, delivering your project on time whilst offering advice on fonts and styles for your subtitles, then Adelphi Studio is the company for you.

Subtitle styles

The above Portuguese subtitles were ‘burnt on’ to the video (open captions) and due to the nature of the video we used white text with an outline or shadow. There are various ways of producing subtitles to display on your video. We can advise you on the best option for yourselves and even produce samples for you to choose from. We can also advise on the best fonts to use too.

Click here to see some samples of subtitle styles

There are two basic methods of producing foreign language subtitles.

Open Captions

We specialise in Multilingual Subtitling Services. The subtitles can be ‘burned’ onto the video, which means they cannot be turned on or off and are always visible. These are also referred to as ‘open’ captions. They become part of the video file itself. Although using this method means that multiple languages cannot be selected using the same file it is possible to produce multiple versions of the video with different subtitles which can be selected by the user, for example by clicking on different links on a web page.

Closed Captions

For more sophisticated formats such as DVD closed captions are used, this format allows multiple channels of subtitles (and audio) to be created as separate streams on the disc. These can be switched on and off through the selection menu created in the authoring process. At Adelphi Translations, we can re-author your DVD to include subtitles and foreign language audio tracks if you can provide us with the original video or the original DVD.

It is also possible to produce switchable foreign language subtitles programmatically. In Adobe Flash, for example, subtitles can be created in an XML file, which can then be linked to the Flash movie. An XML file can be created for each language and these can be selected using links in the Flash movie itself. YouTube also provides the facility to upload timed subtitle files that can be switched in the player.

Multilingual Translations

Adelphi aims to provide a full service to our customers. The translation itself is just a part of this service. Our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your project in order to effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate your communication objectives. Adelphi ensures that all our translators are professional and work only into their mother tongue. This ensures accuracy.

Adelphi Studio is part of Adelphi Translations Ltd a full-service translation agency producing not only Multilingual translations but also Multilingual websites, Multilingual typesetting and Multilingual Voice-overs.

On-Screen Text Localisation

As well as producing the subtitles we can also localise any on-screen text into any language requires. Depending on the complexity and how the original text was produced we may require the data package it was made in.

Click here for more on on-screen text localisation

Articulate Storyline Localisation Service

Through our combination of technical expertise and quality translation provision, we are able to localise your Articulate Storyline courses and presentations in any language, allowing your content to inform and educate new audiences.

We can translate not just the text from your Articulate Storyline course itself but also localise all of the button and slider content too, we also add voice-overs and subtitles to any embedded videos using translated scripts and voice talents we can provide.

Adelphi Studio is part of Adelphi Translations Ltd. a full-service translation agency, not just producing multilingual translations but also multilingual websites, multilingual typesetting, multilingual voice-overs and multilingual subtitling. We have produced multilingual voice-overs and subtitling for company promotional videos, music videos, e-learning videos and instructional videos, for the Internet or on DVD.