Video translations and subtitle localization company offering transcriptions, SRT and STL subtitle translations, on-screen text and graphic localization

Subtitle localization (or Localisation depending on if you are using British or American English) is the adaptation of content to suit an audience in the target locale.

Subtitle localization includes the transcription and translation of the audio, on-screen text and any other support materials that go with the video, while also ensuring the subtitles are culturally appropriate.

So if you are looking for a subtitling localization company that can handle the whole process from start to finish, delivering your project on time whilst offering advice on fonts and styles for your subtitles, then Adelphi Studio is the company for you.

Adelphi Studio, the multimedia division of Adelphi Translations Ltd., a full-service translation agency and we have subtitled films and videos in over 80 languages from Arabic to Welsh. We are committed to offering a competitive and flexible service to suit your requirements and budget. We have a track record of producing high-quality subtitling, voice-overs, typeset print materials and website localization, meaning we can handle all of your projects’ multimedia requirements in-house. We also offer Articulate Storyline localization for your e-learning projects.

Subtitle styles

There are various ways of producing subtitles to display on your video. We can advise you on the best option for yourselves and even produce samples for you to choose from. We can also advise on the best fonts to use too.

On-Screen Text Localization

As well as producing the subtitles we can also localize any on-screen text into any language. Depending on the complexity and how the original text was produced we may require the data package it was made in.

Transcription Services

We also offer a transcription service for those customers lacking a transcript of their videos. We provide time-coded scripts of your videos that are ready to be translated. We will then use those translations for the subtitle text, sending you the files at each stage of the process for you to review and assess.

Your projects will be supported by a team of experienced and meticulous project managers, we are also happy to work with any translations you provide. Our experience in our field means we can advise you on technical issues like font selection for more challenging languages.