Creating On-screen text, animations and motion graphics localisation in foreign languages

Adelphi Studio offer a dedicated, localisation service for motion graphics and 2D animation. Using industry standard software such as Adobe After Effects, our experienced team of studio animators and designers can localise your motion graphics or animations directly from the project files.

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Our tech savvy team have years of experience producing 2D/3D animations, motion graphics and visual effects; familiar with key frame animation, transitions, titles, keying, rotoscoping and masking, our team can accommodate almost any motion or 2D graphic localisation you may need for your videos.

Samples and tests can be sent for your approval, in order to ensure you or your client is satisfied with how the animations are looking with the new, localised material. Your projects will of course be kept with the highest of confidentiality.

on-screen text localisation

Explainer and Animated describer videos are popping up all over the web, showcasing services simply and quickly; get ahead of the competition and extend your global reach now by localising your animated videos!

Adelphi can get translate your animation directly from the original video into the target language you require. Our professional and trained translators and transcribers only work in their mother tongue, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Contact us now to target a whole new community and advertise your company precisely and accurately on a global scale!

You send us the project files and source material, we’ll send you the translated, localised video!