Embarrassing Printing Error for Romanian Foreign Ministry

One particular news article caught our attention in the office today: the BBC reported that in his visit to Romania this week, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was presented with a booklet by his Romanian counterpart triumphing Germany-Romania bilateral relations… complete with an image of France covered by a German flag on the cover. The document was produced by Agerpres, Romania’s national news agency, who have accepted responsibility for the error and apologised to both parties.

France German flag

Spot the mistake

Outsourcing: an option for quality

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Not for the first time

For Romania’s Foreign Ministry, the story is less rosy: this is the second time in only a month that they’ve been involved in an embarrassing incident. Last month, when the Romanian Embassy in France issued invitations to an upcoming function, they accidentally attached a spreadsheet containing candid and unrestrained remarks about the invited guests.

Source: BBC