Getting the Most Out of Your Voice-over


Voice-overs and questions you might have

I would like to bring together some of the answers to the many questions our clients ask us about voiceover. There are a number of different workflows we use when performing voice-over, and they depend on what source files the client has and what they would like us to provide for them. I hope that the following guide will demystify some of the process for you.

What is a voice-over and why might I need it?

There are many reasons why you might require a voice-over. Common applications are Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone systems that your service users can call into and e-learning packages, for instance. A good voiceover will let you engage in a much more personal way with your audience than subtitles will and professional artists in particular will give your material an extra edge, allowing you to pitch in different ways: a suspenseful voice for film advertisements, a calming voice for a social services IVR system and so forth.

What options do I have to consider?

Most important of all is deciding which artist or artists you would like to voice your material. In particular:

  • What language(s) are you looking for?
  • Do you need male or female voices?
  • What style of voice-over do you need (advertising, e-learning etc.)?
  • Would you need a local voice talent for a community-scale project or an experienced professional for a national- or international-scale campaign?
  • What is the end-use of the voice-over and is broadcasting involved (there are artists’ fees associated with broadcast)?

Ask to see your supplier’s voice database and take plenty of time listening to and downloading samples while keeping the above questions in mind.

You should also consider:

  • Which audio format you would like the work delivered in?
  • Would you like one file containing all of the speech or multiple files split by batch, cue etc.?
  • If you need voice-over for a video, would you like it synchronised to the visuals/pre-existing voice of the video?

For a successful outcome, these sort of things should be agreed with your client and raised with your supplier beforehand, so the necessary preparations can be made for your recording session. We can accommodate all manner of project requirements and have the experience to assist and advise you if you are uncertain about anything at all.

Adelphi can provide all of the services detailed above for your voice-over requirement. Please visit our website at and click “Request a Quote” or feel free to call us on (0)114 272 3772.

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