Yoruba - Damilola pro
Yoruba - Damilola pro
Yoruba - Damilola pro
Yoruba - Damilola pro
Yoruba - Damilola pro
Spotlight: Yoruba Accented English

Yoruba accent English voice artists

Our Yoruba accent English voice artists varying from high-quality professional artists for high-grade projects to our standard level voice artists who have a clear reading voice for projects with limited budgets. All of our Standard Artists are recorded at our own in-house studios.

Our professionals Yoruba accent English voice artists use their own recording studio and Adelphi screen out any lip smacking or pauses before sending the mastered files to the client. Our standard-level voice artists are all recorded here at our own studio. Our highly experienced producers, studio engineers record the voice-overs and if required synchronize them back to the videos.

Yoruba to English Translations

As part of our Yoruba accented English voice-over service, Adelphi provides a full translation service to our customers. Our experienced translation team will work with you to fully understand your project in order to effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate your communication objectives.

Adelphi Studio is part of Adelphi Translations Ltd a full service translation agency producing not only Yoruba translations but also Yoruba typesetting and Yoruba Subtitling.

Yoruba Transcription Services

We also provide transcription services in any language, to provide time-coded scripts for translation. The length of many languages will expand or contract when compared to original source language and care must be taken in the translation to keep the true meaning of the original, while staying within the time frame allowed.

Our Studios

Our in-house studios include professional sound booths, the latest digital recording and software systems with a team of highly and widely experienced professional producers, studio engineers and mixing engineers. We can deliver files in a variety of formats according to your requirements.

Examples of subtitling projects

Adelphi Studio also translates and produces foreign language subtitles in all video formats such as Mov, MPEG-2, WMV, flv, etc., making it ready to publish for film, TV, the web or as a DVD with language menus.

Yoruba Subtitling Sample
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