Yorùbá is a tonal language with three tones: high, mid and low. The high tone is indicated by an acute accent (á, é, ẹ́, í, ó, ọ́ and ú). The mid-tone is not marked and the low tone is marked with a grave acute (à, è, ẹ̀, ì, ò, ọ̀ and ù).

Graphics localization
If you have any text in your graphics we can localize them into Yoruba, to do so we require the original ‘live text’ files such as in Photoshop or Illustrator. We have the latest Adobe CC applications on Apple Mac computers.

Data needed

We require to be provided with a “collect or package” of the original English artwork for us to adapt it into Yoruba this should include the fonts and any images linked to the document, without these we cannot create a print-ready PDF as the deliverable.

Deliverable data

We can supply the finished Yoruba artwork and a print-ready PDF set to your specifications.

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  1. Many languages expand once translated from English, so it is best not to pack the pages with text, leave some space for expansion.
  2. Bold, italics and even colors in the same paragraph may not translate into the target language. Avoiding these will keep your costs down and speed up the process.
  3. Drop caps and uppercase are not supported in some languages.
  4. If you want to place text over an image, try to add it to the document rather than in the image itself. That way we can edit exactly what you need changing.
  5. We can advise on fonts to match the original as close as possible.

Yoruba translation services

Our own in-house translation agency provides translations in over 120 languages including Yoruba. By using Adelphi for your translation and typesetting it ensures that you get the best of services, we are happy to work with your own translations and can advise on the best way to organize the translation for maximum efficiency. We also use translation memory so if your brochure is to be updated on a regular basis we can provide 100% matches and ‘fuzzy matches’ to existing translations to keep the costs down.

Adelphi produces brochure localization in over 80 additional languages

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