Adelphi Studio is a leading foreign language voice-over agency and subtitling company working with media companies worldwide. In-house dedicated translation department specialising in subtitling and voice-over translations.

Foreign Language Voice-overs

Adelphi are a professional voice-over company with over 600 foreign language voice artists on our books in over 75 languages. With more voice samples to choose from than other agencies we have a great range of voice-over artists to suit your project. From high-end professionals to our in-house standard voices for budget productions. We also have accented-English voice artists in many languages. We have our own recording studios and a dedicated team of directors and sound engineers to get the best quality recording for your voice-over project. At Adelphi, we offer professionally edited audio as standard for all of our voice-over projects, read more

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Subtitle Translation & Localisation

As a leading foreign language subtitling company our service includes the production of both open and closed caption subtitles in over 80 languages. We supply everything from the transcription of the original video, time-coding, translation of the transcribed text, SRT creation, through to the final subtitled video, as well as the localisation of any on-screen textmotion graphics and animations if required. Adelphi is a one-stop subtitling company that can cater for all your foreign language subtitling requirements, including subtitle translation direct from video.

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Audio Translations and Transcriptions

As the media division of Adelphi Translations, an agency which has been providing translation services for clients all over the world for twenty years. Which means we can look after all your voice-over and subtitling translation requirements in-house, keeping everything under one roof. We also offer an audio transcription translation service, transcribing the audio, time-coding and then translating the text in any language.

We also work in partnership with some of the biggest translation agencies in the world. We are happy to work with your translations and give advice on fonts for the more exotic languages.

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