Danish Vocieover artist

Lars has been a Danish voice-over artist for over 10 years. He is a trained actor and is capable of shaping his voice to almost any requirements that clients may have.

Lars has a natural pleasant tone, and his Danish has no regional hints, although he can add his native Jutland accent as well as a Copenhagen slant if you the client requires.

Having voiced a multitude of projects ranging from commercials, Sat Navs, corporate DVDs and Computer Games to a little green turtle toy, he is an experienced continuity voice too, having worked for Danish Channel TV3+ for many years.

His styles include: Authoritative, Calm, Confident, Direct, Distinctive, Documentaries, Dramatic, Experienced, Informative, Intelligent

Adelphi’s Danish voice-over services offer a great range of professional voice artists to choose from specially chosen for their quality and experience. Recorded Danish voice-overs tend to be around the same length as English, unlike many other languages that are much longer than the original English. This makes timing the Danish voice-over much easier and causes few syncing problems. Our Danish voice-over translations are handled by our own in-house translation department, while our production team edits the audio and adds the Danish recorded voice to the video.