Andreas is a male Danish professional Voice Over artist, who turned to the industry after working in radio for 8 years, attending a course by "Holger Lagerfeldt" in Copenhagen.

Happy clients include Google, Kimberly Clark, AMD, Microsoft, Hilton Hotel, Vaillant, Twilling, Audi, VW,, Borgen, Seat... and a lot more.

Andreas provides high-quality work with all kinds of voice characteristics such as Warm, Deep, Mature, Natural speech, Sexy and Persuasive.

He has experience with commercials, narration, IVR for telephone systems, information videos, voice-over for games, etc.

Adelphi’s Danish voice-over services offer a great range of professional voice artists to choose from specially chosen for their quality and experience. Recorded Danish voice-overs tend to be around the same length as English, unlike many other languages that are much longer than the original English. This makes timing the Danish voice-over much easier and causes few syncing problems. Our Danish voice-over translations are handled by our own in-house translation department, while our production team edits the audio and adds the Danish recorded voice to the video.