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Finnish voice talent Torsti is an experienced, long-time voice-over artist with 20 years of experience. His voice can be described as clear, warm, and smooth.

Torsti's middle-aged man’s voice works great for all kinds of projects from commercials to eLearning productions. His voice has been used by many of the world's leading brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Phillips, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Volvo, Max Factor, etc…

His long-time career as a recording and mixing engineer has given Torsti very strong technical know-how. This helps him deliver high-quality results fast. Torsti can also easily do the final mixing of your project if needed.

Making music is a big part of his life. He has composed music for many international Hollywood movie trailers and TV campaigns, TV shows, games, etc…

Adelphi is a full-service Finnish voice-over agency. As well as providing Finnish voice-over artists, our Finnish voice-over service also includes transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. We have Finnish voice artists and talents offering a variety of styles including Finnish-accented English, in a range of ages and some who can do character voices.

Also enhancing Adelphi’s Finnish voice-over services is our ability to localize motion graphics and animations, printed materials, Articulate Storyline e-learning projects, subtitles, and any on-screen text, all in-house without the need to outsource any of the work.