italian female voiceover talent professional

Paola is an Italian dubbing and voice-over artist, based in Padova, Italy.

In 2010, she attended the dubbing course at the prestigious Cinema Academy in Bologna, which greatly improved her Italian diction, her acting skills and the use of her speaking voice.

Paola is the official voice of several TV shows on SKY channels, and is an Italian dubber and a dubbing director of short films, video games and movies such as "Mission Park-Line of Duty", "Urla nel silenzio il caso Pescia" and "The Hounds" in cinemas and Sky TV from January 2013.

She has a warm, communicative voice, which can be sexy and smooth, and also professional for E-learnings, documentaries, dubbing, voice over, narrations.

Some of her clients include: Netflix, Sky, DreamWorksTV, Bingo, Maison Du Monde, Burger King, Harley Davidson, Paypal, Poste Italiane, Trivago, J&J, Mercedes, Tamoil, Herbalife, Bayer, Nest, Barilla, Intel, Tena, Honeywell, Eni, Tado, Scania, Credit Suisse, Tigotà, Brosway, Scania, Grunland.