Saori started out as a commercial narrator.
She loves commercial narration, which required a lot of concentration.

Since then, she has worked on over 2000 commercials, TV shows, and corporate videos.
I've also worked as a radio personality and voice actor for anime.

Her calm and steady narration has been used by NHK and other Japanese television stations, as well as various educational materials and corporate videos.

As an expert in the Japanese language, she can provide updated narration that is more audible, understandable, friendly, and correct.

Adelphi is a Japanese voice-over services agency with voice artists to suit any budget, providing you with high-quality Japanese recordings and syncing them back into your video.

Our in-house native Japanese project manager has over 20 years of experience in the industry and will look after all aspects of your Japanese voice-over project, making sure the final recording is as professional and accurate as possible.