Fun, passionate, heartfelt, and with a contagious smile. Italian American VO artist with an exotic accent, a warm and bright voice, sometimes seductive, easy to listen to, comforting, and upbeat. My voice has been compared to sound like Isabella Rossellini.

I've been working as a VO actress for more than 5 years between NYC and Milan. I gave voice to the Pink Archer in Clash of Clans for Supercell, worked in cartoons like Brinken and Sissi that streamed in Italy one Turkish Tv series and many commercials such as ISAL, un sacco sano, dormir, lenigola, zanichelli.

I worked in the theater production of Alice in Wonderland where I gave voice to all the funny, whimsical characters of the story.

Italian voice-overs tend to be around 25% longer than the original English and this can cause timing issues if it’s a timed script. Listen to our Italian voice artists, add them to your favorites and get a quote from us today. We also have a great range of English-speaking Italian artists providing Italian accented English voice-overs.

Our Italian voice artists have been carefully selected to give a range of styles suitable for drama, commercials, corporate, films, IVR’s (Interactive voice response), narrations, etc., for you to choose from. Their voices also cover a variety of ages, from children to the elderly, plus character acting too.