Professional voice artist

Reynaldo is an award-winning voice-over artist, originally from the Dominican Republic. He has over 15 years of experience in the world of the media.

Reynaldo has been a producer and host of a morning radio show and is a former voice coach. He has also been a commercial broadcaster for major worldwide brands, and his voice can be heard daily in the Dominican Republic.

Reynaldo has a smooth voice for narrations and documentaries, a strong and deep voice for movie trailers, and a calm and clear voice for educational material.

As well as providing Spanish voice-over artists, our Spanish voice-over service also includes transcription, Spanish voice-over translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. We have Spanish voice artists and talents offering a variety of styles including Spanish-accented English, in a range of ages and some who can do character voices. Adelphi is a full-service Spanish voice-over agency.