Spanish Voice-over Artist

Ana is a professional voice-over artist who has been active since 2007.

Ana studied Media Studies in the beautiful city of Salamanca and has always known that she wanted to work with her voice.

Ana began taking voice classes at university and is currently continuing her voice training in Madrid.

Ana’s voice is versatile, clear and upbeat, and can be heard across a large selection of projects including advertisements, corporate videos, e-learning courses and more.

She also has a brilliant range (see sample 3), so she would be a great fit for any of your audiobooks or voice acting projects.

As well as providing Spanish voice-over artists, our Spanish voice-over service also includes transcription, Spanish voice-over translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. We have Spanish voice artists and talents offering a variety of styles including Spanish-accented English, in a range of ages and some who can do character voices. Adelphi is a full-service Spanish voice-over agency.