Professional voice artist

Henrik is a native Danish and Danish-accented English voice-over artist with more than 15 years of experience in voice training and uses, with the capability of speaking with Rigsdansk, Jysk and Københavnsk dialects.

He is also a singer and a teacher.

His deep, trustworthy and friendly smiling voice is perfect for Documentary, E-learning, Voice response systems, Audiobooks, and many other forms of presentation.

It is versatile enough to also work in happy playful commercials and character-based dubbing projects.

He has helped many companies with voice-overs, among them are: Coca Cola, Disney, Cartoon Network, SBS Radio, Garnier, Opel, Lidl, Knorr, Roche, Kraft Foods, PokerStars, VistaPrint, Grundfos, Siemens, Netto, The Voice, Nordisk Film, BaneDanmark, GN Resound, NemID & many more.