Professional voice artist

Figen is a bilingual voice-over artist, speaking English and Turkish. She is originally from Istanbul but now lives in the UK.

She has over 10 years of experience as a voice-over artist and TV production in a broadcast environment. Figen has voiced many commercials and narrations, including providing the Turkish voice-over for the commercial of the popular game Candy Crush Saga.

Figen’s voice can be described as warm, fun, smooth and sweet, and is ideal for commercials, narrations, and promotions.

Turkish voice-over agency with a great selection of Turkish voice artists carefully selected to offer a variety of styles, characters, and a variety of ages from children to the elderly.

Also enhancing Adelphi’s Turkish voice-over services is our ability to localize motion graphics and animations, printed materials, Articulate Storyline projects, subtitles, and any on-screen text, all in-house without the need to outsource any of the work.