Professional voice artist

Before becoming a dubbing director on the first TV channel to be established in Turkey, Aziz trained as an assistant for 7 years and worked on numerous Turkish and foreign language media.

Following this, Aziz has been recording voice-overs from 1990 and has since given lectures on dictation, articulation, intonation, and dubbing. Aziz has performed voice-overs for the weekly sports shows La Liga and NTV Sport Smart.

Aziz has a soft, trustworthy and clear voice.

Turkish voice-over agency with a great selection of Turkish voice artists carefully selected to offer a variety of styles, characters, and a variety of ages from children to the elderly.

Also enhancing Adelphi’s Turkish voice-over services is our ability to localize motion graphics and animations, printed materials, Articulate Storyline projects, subtitles, and any on-screen text, all in-house without the need to outsource any of the work.