swahili female over artist

Swahili voice-over artist Elizabeth is a self-motivated linguist who views language as a bridge of interaction between people of different nationalities. Born and raised in the coastal region of Kenya, she is a native Swahili speaker. She, however, loves language, thus apart from being proficient in Swahili, she studied English as well.

Her love for both languages and proficiency has driven her to venture into the freelance world of translation and voicing of the same. She has been working with top companies such as Bunny incorporation, as well as Language Solutions Experts, providing reliable and expert services as per client needs. Most clients love her youthful but strong voice.

Elizabeth will not let you down as she is a dedicated, honest, and hard-working self-motivated service provider.

Adelphi is a full-service Swahili voice-over agency. As well as providing Swahili voice-over artists, our Swahili voice-over service also includes transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. We have Swahili voice artists and talents offering a variety of styles including Swahili-accented English, in a range of ages, and some who can do character voices.