Adelphi are experts in on-screen text localization, recreating the original effects and animations used in your video in over 120 languages.

On-screen text localization is required when making either subtitles or voice-overs in a language other than the original on the video. There are many instances of text appearing on videos, some of these are part of the editing package and these can be changed by a trained engineer, however, some on-screen text is placed as graphics or part of the actual footage. Depending on the complexity and how the original text was produced we may require the data package it was made in.

Adelphi has offices in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA). For all UK and International enquiries please contact our UK office tel: +44 (0)114 272 3772 or email: For US, Canada and South America enquiries please contact our office in California Tel: 916 414 8714 or email:

Animation Localisation

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On-screen text localization – graphics files

Adelphi studio has its own in-house graphics department that can localise text in most graphics and in over 120 languages. The problems occur when text has been placed over a complex background and the original layered files are not available. This makes the removal of the original text difficult and time-consuming and in some cases impossible. Ideally we would need the original artwork in these cases, otherwise, the end result might not be up to the standard required.

Adelphi has Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign as well as a number of software packages used by most designers, enabling to change most graphics, even with right to left languages such as Arabic etc.

on-screen text localization

On-screen text localization – effects

With a team of highly trained software specialists, Adelphi Studio offers complex on-screen text localization with the ability to match almost any form of On-screen text (OST). Using the latest industry standard software such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro etc. Adelphi can replicate and reproduce OST that other subtitling and voice-over agencies struggle to contend with. We have experience in reproducing On-screen text with drop shadows, glows, animations, masks, Roto-scoping and also have the ability to match-move or track the text to the original video.


We can localise on-screen text in almost any language.

Explainer Video Localization at Adelphi Studio

Adelphi Studio specializes in almost every aspect of translations and localization, including explainer videos! We are able to use the original project files and translate the material directly and discreetly. Problems such as expanding text, font corruption and an array of other issues can occur but our team at Adelphi are trained in these areas to ensure your project is handled professionally, confidentially and with care. Our specialised team are experienced in right-to-left languages, complex scripts, fonts, styles and can send you samples for your approval before the project starts.

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