Voice artists Adelphi studio

Suyash is a native Nepali voice over artist.

He holds diverse professional experience as a TOEFL instructor, private music instructor, freelance web-writer, voice-over artist, editor/content creator for secondary level textbooks, and on many occasions has translated/interpreted on many occasions from and to Nepali, English and Hindi.

High-quality Nepali voice-overs. Whatever your budget, whatever your media project is, Adelphi Studio can provide you with the perfect Nepali voice artist. Our Nepali voice-over artists at Adelphi Studio are able to provide you with high-quality recordings for your Film, TV, web, or DVD projects. We can sync the recorded Nepali voice back into your video making it ready to publish.

Adelphi also has an in-house translation department, that specializes in voice-over and subtitle SRT translations. At Adelphi, we offer professionally edited audio as a standard for all of our voice-over projects, read more.