Marathi Voice-over Artist

Siddharth is a full-time voice artist with over eight years of experience and has completed over 600 jobs in his time so far.

He has put in hours of practice, and with his stage performing background, he offers a complete range of services from corporate narratives to characters dubbing for films and cartoons (See sample 3).

He can do multiple voices (with variations in grain, husk, tone & bass, and pronunciation - at least five distinct voices), and speaks three languages - English, Marathi, and Hindi.

Though Marathi is his official mother tongue, he also works a lot in accented English.

He also works in filmmaking. From writing and directing to acting and editing.

Our Marathi voice-over artists at Adelphi Studio are able to provide you with high-quality recordings for your Film, TV, web, or DVD projects. Adelphi also produces Marathi translations. We can sync the recorded Marathi voice back into your video making it ready to publish.