Natsuki is a highly experienced voice over artist with more than 20 years' experience. He worked for Japanese TV and Radio station as an announcer, anchor and personality for about 15 years, and he is now a professional voice over artist with the skills. His voice-over type has often been described as authoritative, genuine, reliable, trustworthy, sophisticated, congenial, informative, confident, warm, smooth, sincere, relaxing, natural and clear.

His voice has been used by voice-over clients including ExxonMobil, JXTG ENERGY, TOSHIBA, DAIHATSU, LOTTE, KIRIN, KAO, S&B FOODS, HONDA R&D, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and many more. He has also been in charge of voice over for one of the most popular TV news show in Japan, which is over 2.5 million TV households watching every night.