Mohsen is a Native Farsi Speaker, from Tehran/ Iran which means I speak Farsi without any regional accents of Iran. He has trained as an actor and now works as a voiceover artist since 2014. He started his voiceover career with a UK-based newspaper/publication in London back in 2014 and now works with different media outlets and agencies covering news, location packages as well as audiobooks, e-learning, and training programs. His voice has been described as warm, friendly, approachable, and exotic. Previous clients and credits include:

Scania Group Training Program for Farsi speaking countries
ACCA Global
Archival Organisation
The UK GCSE  Persian Training & Learning Resouces (Listening Part)
Red Apple Creative Banthology Project
and many more. 

Our Farsi voice-over services at Adelphi Studio are able to provide you with high-quality recordings for your Film, TV, web, or DVD projects. Adelphi also produces Farsi translations. We can sync the recorded Farsi voice back into your video making it ready to publish.