German voice-over artist

Trained as a theatre artist, Meina has been working as an all-around native German voice for 24 years.

Once launched by the biggest voice agency in the Netherlands at the time (Multivoice), Meina has acquired a name as 'the German voice' in the Netherlands for many years.

Just like most popular voice-overs with a home studio, Meina has an international clientele. In Germany, she was considered one of the four most heard voices in the country, during 2008 and 2009.

A special feature of her voice is the great flexibility: an age range from teenager to old lady, that makes it possible, to lend her voice to cartoons, corporate voice-overs, commercials, guided tours, or e-learning.

A warm sound is also typical.

Self-direction and the perfect sense of what tone is desired in which production, as well as the ability to edit, sync, or edit the recordings in her own studio, is self-evident.

Meina delivers clean and edited voice recordings in either native (high) German or very very near to native (ABN - high) Dutch.

Our German voice-over services offer a range of quality German voice artists and talents with a variety of skills and experience.  Adelphi is a German voice-over agency that aims to provide a full localization service to our customers. Our own in-house translation department handles our German voice-over translations, while our production department edits the audio and adds the German recorded voice to the video.