Experienced, versatile, friendly, educated, assured. Warm and clear for narration, younger for commercial, professional, and smooth for presentation.

Voice's Usage: Audio Books, Commercials, Characters, Documentaries, E-Learning, E-Training, Video-games, Website, Web video, narration, Videos, IVR

Italian voice-overs tend to be around 25% longer than the original English and this can cause timing issues if it’s a timed script. Listen to our Italian voice artists, add them to your favorites and get a quote from us today. We also have a great range of English-speaking Italian artists providing Italian accented English voice-overs.

Our Italian voice artists have been carefully selected to give a range of styles suitable for drama, commercials, corporate, films, IVR’s (Interactive voice response), narrations, etc., for you to choose from. Their voices also cover a variety of ages, from children to the elderly, plus character acting too.