Eva is a highly experienced, multilingual, Lithuanian voice-over artist, based in London UK.

She has a smooth, captivating, pleasant, ear-loving voice, suitable for a variety of comedy, animated, dramatic, friendly, upbeat commercials or infomercials, narration, long text reading, as her voice is interesting and never boring.

Eva’s voice is super flexible and quickly adapting from a child’s voice to the mature, serious, or sexy voice tones. She also has the ability to act and sing, which is a  big bonus when it comes to different and unique projects.

She has a Master’s degree in performing arts and has more than 7 years of leading actress and voice-over experience in Lithuanian TV channels and radio, allowing her to perform at the highest level of professionalism, providing the best quality possible.

Some of her work includes:

  • 5 animated-interactive children's e-books for a Windows 7 smartphone
  • TV & Radio commercial for Ecco Shoes
  • Voiced the character Hellene for the video game Fire Emblem
  • TV Commercial for Phillips in sponsorship of the World Cup 2018
  • Lithuanian IVR for LEGO

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