Eugenia has always been passionate about helping people understand each other and communicate more efficiently, which led her into the world of translation and voice-over. Eugenia is specifically trained in neutral Spanish for Latin America and Argentinian Spanish.

Eugenia’s voice can be described as calm and assertive, whilst sweet and welcoming at the same time. Her voice is ideal for commercials, product demos, e-learning courses, corporate presentations, and phone systems.

Our Latin American Spanish voice-over services provide transcriptions, voice-over translations, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. We have Latin American Spanish voice artists and talents offering a variety of styles, including Latin American Spanish-accented English. Adelphi is a full-service Latin American Spanish voice-over agency.

We offer Argentinian Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Costa Rican Spanish, Dominican Republic Spanish, Ecuadorian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Puerto Spanish, and Venezuelan Spanish voice artists. Please select from the dialect menu options.