Elan head shot

Elan specializes in “real person” style younger Millennial and older Gen-Z conversational voiceovers. The vocal characteristics of her mid-pitch voice can be textured with intellectual, or convincing and engaging. Also, she has excellent localization skills for voiceover work, such as dubbing and time sync.

She can provide English voiceovers with a Japanese accent as well as Japanese.

She's done voiceovers for world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, and DWS, as well as major Japanese machinery manufacturers, TEPCO group companies, and National Center for Child Health and Development under the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.
In addition, I was recently selected as a character for the popular AFK role-play-inspired game.

Elan was awarded the Grand Prize in the Best English Voiceover Performance category in Voiceover Japan Awards 2022.

Elan will make your project sound intelligent, reliable, and also approachable.