Daniel is a professional voice-over artist since 2018. He does voice-overs for e-learning, audiobooks, commercials, documentaries and more.

His second mother tongue is Russian (second mother tongue) and He's also fluent in English.

Daniel S was born in 1996 in the Ukraine as a mathematically gifted child to a family of musicians and has grown up in Germany since 1997. As a child Daniel used to imitate different characters from cartoons and video games which he did very well. As a teenager, Daniel not only played in the theatre and performed several times on stage (as a singer) but he also began his career as an entrepreneur which peaked in 2018 with his own investor-backed software startup. As the head of marketing, Daniel learned to view his voice as a tool with which one can inspire convince others. In 2020 he left his company and fully devoted himself to voice acting. Between October and December 2020 Daniel underwent a private training as a voice-over artist in Berlin.