Bente is a professional voice talent in German, Norwegian, English, and French, and she speaks 7 languages.

Originally from Oslo in Norway, Bente also works as an actress, specializing in improv theatre, gaining her a nomination at the German Comedy Award 2014 for "Meet the Parents”.

Notable voice-overs she has recorded are:

German: Sagrotan , Nordic Cosmetics (tv commercials), Honka (web commercial), Fujitsu (explainer), Vattenresurs, Barcelona IVF, Amazon Web Series (product films)

Norwegian: Miele, Silk n’Glide, Geberit, CEWE (tv commercials), YouTube (web commercial), Garmin (navigation system), La Strada, Scania, Zalando (explainer films), Dogman, Skoringen (radio commercials), Ulla Popken (IVR), Langenscheidt (language training system)

English: Fujitsu, Swarovski, Gigaset, Siemens, vm advisers (product films)

French: Pickenpack Europe, Kaba (product films)

Her voice is clear, warm, serious and flexible.

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