Professional voice artist

Adam is well known for his work in International commercials, narration  and voice acting work in 30 or more authentic global accents and dialects including mid atlantic English.

As a Voice talent, Adam has worked with many of the world’s top companies such as CNN, CBS, BBC America, Sony, Coca-Cola, The World Health organization, Shell, Clearchannel, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, KBR-Halliburton, Mattel, Mainframe, Electronic Arts, John Hancock ,Harley-Davidson, Blockbuster, US Health, CCP Games X-Box, Land Rover, Moneygram, BMW and Harley Davidson Stores, Restaurant chain commercials and many more.He has a home voiceover studio and mobile voiceover studio.

Adam is a very versatile  voice performer, working in many different mediums of voice-over, including Animation, Promos and Movie trailers, Documentaries, Audiobooks, Commercials, Industrials, Corporate I.D.’s, IVR and messaging, and a multitude of other media applications. He is the signature voice of various products and channels, including Bio-oil, and the Afrotainment channel. His multicultural, multi-ethnic voice acting approach is as valued by clients as his “Global” accent, which transcends borders to speak to the world in one, unbiased voice.

His world accents in English Language include: South African, Midatlantic, North American, Canadian, German, Austrian, Australian,Turkish,  Pan-African, East Indian, Asian, South Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish,British, Scottish, Irish, Haitian, French, Italian,Other European, Portuguese, Eastern European, Caribbean, Jamaican, Arabic, Middle eastern, Israeli, and many more.