Adelphi Studio are a specialist media translation agency, supplying subtitles, voice-overs, on-screen text and printed materials in over 120 languages. Our in-house translations studio are experts in subtitling and voice-over translations.

Adelphi Studio is the multimedia arm of Adelphi Translations Ltd., a translation agency based in the UK with offices in the USA. We supply foreign language and English typesetting, subtitles and voice-overs in all areas of audiovisual communication, producing translations and finished media ready to publish for film, TV, DVD and the web. All of the multimedia work we do is carried out in-house and we never send it to external suppliers, keeping the quality high and guaranteeing confidentiality.

Quality Translations in Any Language

Adelphi aims to provide a full service to our customers. The translation itself is just a part of this service. Our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your project in order to effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate your communication objectives. Our in-house translation project managers can provide the quality translations that you are looking for, it also means that if your translation is for voice-overs or subtitling then we can tailor the translations for that process. As we have many years experience providing translations for media projects we understand the process to get the most out of your project, unlike other translation agencies who will have little understanding of translating for voice-overs and subtitling projects and often provide translations that are too long, not timed properly or that use fonts unsuitable for the software to be used.

SRT subtitle translations

Adelphi produce SRT files in any language, including making transcriptions of the source video before they are translated to create SRT files for subtitling. Some clients want only the SRT file so that they can produce their own subtitles while others want us to provide the finished video for them.

In SRT subtitling translation, our audiovisual translator (srt file translator) would create translated subtitles in the target language directly from the source video. Our subtitle translator would then create SRT files that are used to produce burnt-on subtitles.

On-screen Text and Motion Graphics Localisation

We also localise any on-screen text, motion graphics and animations if required. Using industry standard software such as Adobe After Effects, our experienced team of studio animators and designers can localise your on-screen text, motion graphics or animations directly from the project files. We can localise into more than 100 languages and can advise on font usage and effects to be used.

See on-screen text and motion graphics samples.

Voice-over translations

Voice-over translations are a more specialist area when compared to standard translations. Voice-over translations must be restricted to fit the same time-slot as the original otherwise the voice-artist may have to speak faster to make it fit. If the voice-over is going to be used over a video of a different language, then the voice-over translation may include time-codes to help the voice-artist and engineer sync up the voice to the video.