Finally got the car on Thursday the 6th of April. Model E350e premium, but was it worth the wait


First impressions; very nice, extremely comfortable, very smooth and it even smooth’s out the potholes, much better than my old E300 hybrid. As usual with a new car at first you don’t understand why they changed things that you thought were OK before, but after looking at YouTube videos etc., I basically got the car to where I am happy with the controls.

Couple of niggley things such as when cancelling unwanted travel updates instead of cancelling just the travel news the button on the steering wheel silences the station completely so you have to hit it twice, and the cup holders are still a pile of c***p, does anyone know how to keep a small bottle of water upright in these things? They just fall over and rattle around alot . Also sometimes when I unlock the car and try to remove the charger it’s still locked in place so I have to relock and unlock the car.

I’m still getting to grips with the various engine modes but for the moment I just leave it in Hybrid/comfort mode for now.

Usability of the Hybrid system (is it any good?)

I’m still assessing it as I have only had the car a month or so but to date here is what I have found.

My house to the motorway M1 Junction 37 is 0.6 miles. The fully charged car says it has  between 14 to 16 miles (sometimes it says 18) by the time I have gone the 0.6 miles to the M1 the electric meter says I am down to between 9 to 11 miles. Wow a loss of 50% in under a mile. But I have learned to ignore that.

The motorway journey to Junction 34 is just over 12 miles and from then it’s 4.7 mile to my office in S1 through stop start traffic. Total journey to the office is 16 miles. To be honest the car sometimes runs out of electricity and by this I mean the ‘plug the car in’ icon appears about a mile before the office but it will still work using the electric motor but not at any great speed.

My run this morning to the office: It’s a Thursday before the bank holiday so traffic was a little lighter than normal but not a great deal. As usual lost 30% ish of electricity in the first 0.6 of a mile arrived at the M1 with around 11% left. Travel on the M1 to junction 34 very smooth, checked the miles per gallon and nearly fell out of my seat 99.9 miles it said. Very impressed. Then Junction 34 to the car park S1 in slow traffic brought me down to 84 miles per gallon not so bad. BUT I have seen it as low as 50 mpg just depends on traffic and my right foot.

Also yesterday our office car park with my charger in it is out of bounds due to a broken garage door, on the way home with no charge I got just 30 miles per gallon.

Weekend usage, just went shopping 3 times each day, no more than a couple of miles each time but did go up some steep hills. Car functioned in electric mode no usage of the motor even on the steep hills. Got 99.9 mpg all weekend.

Took the car to York for the Easter break. Basically got 50mpg on the way there and on the way back. 

Charging the car on while away.

1st time had to find a charging point, rang Chargemaster who had given me a card with the charger when installed only to be told the card was no longer valid as they had changed their rules, but he said not to worry just call them and they would sort it on the spot when I get to the charger. I even told them the charging point I was going to use as it was close to the hotel. Got to the charging point in York and rang Chargmaster only to be told that it’s not on their system and therefore they could do nothing, plonkers. I called the number on the charge point and they connected me via my Chargemaster account in a matter of seconds. Mmmmmmm.

Some mileage figures

Tuesday 18th April.  Back to work and tried something different this time. Put the car into sports mode to travel the 0.6 mile to the motorway got there with 16 miles left on the electric charge, switched to hybrid and got 62 mpg on the way in to work.

Wednesday to work 58 mpg – home 62 mpg

Thursday 20th to work 65 mpg – home 61 mpg

Friday 21st (still school holidays traffic very light) to work 88.2 mpg –

Car at the dealers trying to find the buzz sound have a C250 as a replacement and got 41 MPG on the way to work.

Conclusion so far

The car: Based on the loaner C250 I have today the E class is vastly superior in ride and comfort and just about everything else. The boot is smaller than the standard E class but thats not been a problem for me, nore is the smaller petrol tank.

Usage: If your wanting a car for long journeys, business trips etc I would say get a standard E220, if on the other hand like me it’s used for commuting between 16-20 miles on a single journey a day then it’s perfect. The main reason I got this car was the low tax I have to pay on it as a company car, the Mpg is interesting but not the main reason I got it. I also get the smug green feel of not having a diesel engine that everyone seems to hate at the moment.